dare to be bold

I Too was brought into the world to offer bold and sophisticated women's fashion pieces that are trendy, colorful, and aligned with their values. We bringconfidence in you

We empower ethical supply chains.

Today's fashion industry is responsible for an enormous environmental footprint and for maintaining unjust working conditions for their workers. At I Too, we only work with factories approved by SEDEX to ensure we'resourcing responsibly and advocating for safe and fair work environments.

We are passionate about our community

By purchasing from I Too, you can help us make a difference. Over the years, we've joined different initiatives, like the beach cleanups on Siargao Island in the Philippines, and we're currently working on partnering up with more charities. Giving back to the community that supports us is part of our goal to work together to spread awareness about the current climate issues.

We design and create with sustainable fabrics.

During the design process, we always ask ourselves two questions: 'are we keeping up with the latest fashion trends?' And 'how can we create this piece in the most sustainable way possible?' By working with responsible fabrics like recycled polyester or soybean fabric, we're able to produce high-quality pieces that can be worn over and over and respect our planet and its people.