Collaborate with us!



How can I send you my request for a collaboration?

Thank you for showing your interest, we truly appreciate it!

Send your request to Felipe@itoofahion. Subject: collaboration belongs to our marketing manager which is responsible for all collaborations and social media. He will contact you as soon as possible.


Any special requirements for a collaboration?

We have no direct requirements on who can collaborate with us, but it is an advantage if you have a large, engaged fan base on social media, and that you take high-quality photos.


Contact us:

How can I contact you?

You can contact our customer service at .

Please let us know how we can help you so we can assist you as soon as possible

Please note that our customer service is only reachable by e-mail and not by phone. 


Do you have a store?

Yess!! We have a showroom in Downtown Los Angels!

Address is bellow:


Our showroom hours are form 9AM to 6PM